Upcoming Gigs
  1. Sat 25th Aug 2018
    Q the Quo
    Festival Night
    St. Peter's GAC, Lurgan
  2. Sat 11th Aug 2018
    Q the Quo
    ROI Tour 2018
    The Village Inn, Kerrykeel, Co. Donegal
  3. Sat 1st Sept 2018
    Q the Quo
    Rockin' All Over The Rec
    The Comber Rec
About The Band
Q the Quo is a five-piece Status Quo tribute band, based in Northern Ireland, dedicated to bringing the musical magic and energy of the original rock legends to as many people as possible. Q the Quo are as close as you can get to the real Quo sound.
Even though it’s fifty years since they rose to fame with their first hit, Status Quo's music is as popular as ever. Fans will never forget the powerful riffs played by the late, great Rick Parfitt, the amazing solo work of Francis Rossi and the unforgettable sing-along melodies and harmonies that have made the band a world class act over the past five decades. They've had more Top 40 UK singles than any other band or artist and even people who aren’t Quo fans will know more of their songs than they think. Members of Q the Quo all grew up listening to these songs and get a real kick out of playing a two-and-a-half hour tribute show in front of an always-appreciative audience.
The authentic energy reproduced by Q the Quo will have the audience on its feet and singing out loud in no time. This is a must-see performance!

The idea to set up a Quo tribute originated back at the start of 2014 when Daniel (keyboards) and Mick (bass) started the hunt for other like-minded musicians. It wasn't long before they were joined by Alex (rhythm guitar) and Hal (drums). Finding a front man turned out to be more difficult. Seth played with us for a while and then in the late summer of 2015 he was replaced by Michael. In the autumn of 2016 Alex decided to drop out and another Daniel joined the fray on rhythm and lead.
Michael played guitar in his dad's showband since he was thirteen. In his late teens he  then played in a pop band for a while before playing in a country rock lineup, with which he toured England, playing holiday camps and the north-east working men's clubs. He played the guitar in a couple of musicals in Belfast Arts Theatre and has done a few tours with Philomena Begley. More recently he's moved to blues and rock/metal bands, playing mostly at biker rallies with "The Rockaholics" and "Crossroads Blues Band". Michael is now the main singer and lead guitarist with "Q the Quo". When he's not making music, Michael keeps himself busy sorting out peoples' plumbing problems!
Norman's biog wll appear shortly.

Michael Collins
Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals
Norman Gordon
Rhythm & Lead Guitar
While Daniel has always been a Quo fan, he wasn't always a piano player. Despite piano lessons in his early years he started off on drums in rock bands at school. When he went to university in England he took up rhythm guitar in a covers pop band "Cat Called Blue". He moved to the USA in 1991 and then to France in 1993, where he bought his first piano. He returned to the UK in 2001, when he auditioned as a guitarist for the classic rock covers band "ReZurrection" but ended up playing keyboards until the band split up at the end of 2013. Daniel then decided to form "Q the Quo"  with fellow "ReZurrection" bandmate Mick. Daniel carries the lead vocal in "Rain", "Don't Drive My Car" and "Little Lady", does backing vocals for other songs, joins the others up front on guitar for "What You're Proposing" and plays the harmonica in "Down The Dustpipe" and "Break The Rules". Daniel also works as a TV producer/director and video editor and also DJs.
Mick started playing the bass as a youngster but soon took up the drums, which he played for many years, most recently with the classic rock covers band "ReZurrection". Back in the '90s he played in the Kiss tribute "Kisstory" and then later with "Dealer". He jumped at the opportunity to get back onto bass guitar with Q the Quo. He's a left hander and plays with inverted strings - weirdo! He sings a mean backing vocal and takes the lead vocal in a number of songs including "Big Fat Mama", "Backwater", "Junior's Wailing" and "Bye Bye Johnny".
Daniel Crozier
Keyboards, Harmonica,
Rhythm Guitar &
Mick Steele
Bass Guitar &
Hal started playing drums in the late '70s at the age of 14. He has spent the last four decades on the circuit playing all over Ireland with various genres of bands including dance, country, rock, blues and traditional. He loves all sorts of music and has been a massive Quo fan from the start of his drumming career. So he's loving rockin’ out the Quo set!
Hal Gordon