What people say about Q the Quo:


John (Rhino) Edwards from Status Quo on Q the Quo’s video version of “It’s Christmas Time”: “I absolutely love it, spirit of Christmas full on.”


I’ve been a quo fan for 45 years… Yes this is a tribute band and they do a brilliant act… but I must say their musical instrument playing was 100% spot on.. I listened and listened and without looking I would have put my pay on the line to say this was actual Quo playing. Well done guys.. any plans for Scotland soon? (Joe M****)

I actually thought it was the real Quo until I saw the Francis Rossi guy singing and he was wearing glasses. Got to admit it was absolutely brilliant. (Paul W****)

I also thought it was the real Quo too, then I thought Francis has changed a bit! (Richard O****)

Hey guys, just found your videos and just wondered how I’ve missed you. As a diehard Quo fan you have blown me away with everything you do as a band. Love to see you if you ever come across the water. So much respect and keep on rocking. (Geoff T****)

Your video just came up on my feed & as a massive Quo fan, I had to have a look. Well impressed, great set and foot tapped through my lunch break. Brilliant stuff. Keep on rocking. (Chris P****)

I just watched your gig at Master McGrath Festival and being honest you were brilliantly great… Get yourself to Devon & Cornwall and you would go down a storm, definitely the best Quo tribute I have seen and I have seen a few including the Quo many times. You nailed it. (Ian B****)

Fantastic!! Loved every minute of it. (Peter M****)

Get over the Irish Sea… we want to see you over here… Sheffield and the rest of the country awaits. (Steve C****)

Best Quo tribute band I have heard, brilliant! (Hazel B****)

Not bad at all they fooled me until the close up the lead guitar sounds like Francis. (Peter J M****)

Just found these vids… The best Quo tribute band I’ve seen and heard… very impressive… band so together and the stage presence is brilliant… you would go down a storm here in England… I’m off to listen to more vids. (Allan L****)

When are you coming over to England? PLEASE!! (Peter M****)

Just watching your videos, wow you are brilliant. Come over to the UK. (David C****)

Is this a British band, where are they playing here? (Barrie J****)

What an amazing band, keeping the music alive, brilliant, loads of respect. (Rodge D****)

Grosses Kompliment an diese Musiker ihr seit wirklich gut! (Big compliments to these musicians they are really good) (Mario K****)

Only for looking at the bass player I thought it was the real Quo there – good (Jimmy C****)

Pure class lads. First class as always love it. (David S****)

Listen to these guys. They’re really good. (George M****)

Good set excellent stuff (Andrew W****)

Brill Fabulous got the sound and energy to a T love to watch them live (Anthony R****)

Great show all, had a brilliant night (Peter M)

HOT DAMMM (Mardi S****)




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